Berini Built Custom Homes background renovations & additions


“I was planning a large home renovation project – I knew that I wanted to move interior walls and make significant modifications to the home. After getting estimates from three different builders, I chose Joe F. Berini Construction because they were willing to allow me flexibility in making choices in paint, fixtures, etc., as the renovation process moved forward, rather than requiring I make all decisions in advance. This was an important aspect to me. Joe was very knowledgeable about what would be required to make my vision for the remodel happen. Despite a few challenges, they found a way to accomplish exactly what I wanted to achieve in the home’s design. There was nothing beyond the scope of their abilities. Berini Construction is a very hands-on organization and they worked extremely well with their sub-contractors, which were all high quality companies as well. I am very happy with the final product, and it was even featured in the May 2012 issue of Durham Magazine. I have already recommended Joe F. Berini Construction to others." – Jeff Files, Durham, NC

“Joe Berini came very highly recommended to us, and when we began investigating his company further, we quickly learned of what an excellent reputation he has. The first project Joe worked on for us was a complete bathroom remodel, and that quickly led to him remodeling a second bathroom for us. A year later, we wanted to upgrade our HVAC system and we immediately went to Joe. He worked with us to get an environmentally efficient system installed. The recommendations he provided and the work he performed has resulted in a 25 – 30% decrease in our energy bills! Finally, when we went to Joe for advice on remedying our damp crawl space, he developed and executed a plan that has resulted in vast improvement in air quality in our house. Working with Joe and his sub-contractors could not have been better! Joe and all representatives of his company were available to answer questions and were responsive to any changes we requested. His crews were respectful and professional in keeping work areas very tidy. We have been extremely happy with the results of all of the work Joe has done for us and we’ve already recommended him to others… And we will continue to do so!” – Kevin and Susan Crofton, Durham, NC

"Dante Berini built our first house, which we lived in for 25 years. We put it on the market in June 2011, during a slow real estate market, and were anxious about how long it would take to sell. It sold the first day! I'm confident Berini Construction's reputation played a major role in the quick sale. When we decided to build our next house, we looked at construction by other builders; but after nearly three years of investigation, we knew that in order to get the quality we wanted, we would have to get Joe to build our next house. Our experience in working with Joe was wonderful. An important strength of his company is integrity. One of my pet peeves is to call someone and not get a timely response. That does not happen with Joe Berini - He always called back right away and did what he said he was going to do. Joe wants his clients to be pleased, and he is dedicated to doing things right by using best building practices and dealing with facts, combined with a solid record of experience and professionalism. If I won a big lottery and could build the ultimate "dream house," we would call Joe Berini!" – Kelly and Kay Spivey, Durham, NC

“I knew Joe F. Berini Construction Company to be very established in the area, and when I began planning for our Chancellor’s Ballroom renovation project, I wanted to meet with them and receive a quote for the work. Without a doubt, of all of the contractors I met with, I was most impressed with Joe. He was extremely professional, very thorough, and had an excellent plan for the project, which was a complete remodel that had to be finished in a short amount of time due to a scheduled special event. Joe and his team handled the tight deadline perfectly. They worked around the clock and always made us feel like our project was the most important work on their schedule. Not only did they deliver on time, but they were also within budget. I was especially pleased with the top-notch Berini sub-contractors who specialized in exactly the kind of detailed work required for our space. The end result was beautiful. I would definitely hire them again for future projects. – James Doubts, Director of Engineering, Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC